Chiefs-Broncos Prime Candidate To Be Flexed

If the Kansas City Chiefs enter Week 17 with a chance to make it to the postseason, they will likely once again be playing in front of a national TV audience.

Starting in Week 11, the NFL has the ability to pick the game they want to show on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” to guarantee an appealing game is shown to the country.  Up until Week 16 any change has to be decided no later than 12 days prior to the game.  However, in the final week of the year the NFL waits until six days before so they can select a “win and you’re in” matchup.

Though there could be more than one game that fits the criteria for what the league is looking for, there is no doubt the league would select the one involving Tim Tebow.  Remember, CBS and NBC were fighting until the last minute over last Sunday’s Broncos-Patriots matchup to try and get Tebow into primetime.

If the Chiefs can pick up a win this Sunday over the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills defeat the Denver Broncos, you will see the Denver-Kansas City game in primetime on January 1.

The game could end up on NBC even if the Chiefs lose to the Raiders this weekend and are eliminated from playoff contention.  That’s because the Broncos could still be in a position needing a win if they fall to the Bills.  Oakland winning combined with a Denver loss would force the Broncos into a tie entering the Chiefs game.

Look for NBC to exhaust every possible Tebow option, especially after getting shafted by CBS last week for the New England game.

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