Bowe, Vrabel To Attend NFLPA Rookie Debut Event

The NFL Player Association may have decided not to stand in the way of prospects attending the draft, but that doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t still be having a events of their own.  The events are being dubbed “The Debut“.

While their events won’t compete directly with the draft, the former union will have dinners for incoming rookies on Thursday and Friday nights.   They’ll do it in Times Square, so the players can quickly get over to Radio City Music Hall after they eat.

Several current and former players are also set to attend, including: Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs; Brandon Marshall, Miami Dolphins; Tony Richardson, New York Jets; Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chiefs.

The events scheduled by the NFLPA* also includes a fitness and skills clinic in Harlem.

After making the VERY wise decision not to request player boycott the draft, the union can have all of the featured prospects march down Broadway for all I care.  There was no need to put a black mark on the sport any more than the lockout already has and now the players — present, past and future — get a very cool bunch of events that allow them to celebrate their (decertified) union.

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