No Happy (Meal) History For Haley In Dallas

As the Dallas Cowboys — one of Todd Haley’s former teams — heads to Arrowhead Stadium Sunday afternoon, Richie Witt of the Dallas Observer points out that Haley’s time spent with the Cowboys was not all positive.

Remember back when the former receivers coach’s wife, Chrissy, was served a rat in her McDonald’s salad in Southlake?

According to the Observer, Chrissy had her run in with the golden arches that ended with the nasty treat in her salad on the way home to her four children and au pair, Katy Kelly, in June of 2006.McDonaldsRat

She pulls into the drive-through lane at 2155 W. Southlake Blvd. at 2:59 p.m.  Chrissy had lunch earlier but can rarely resist a favorite that she and Kelley often share—a Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken.  Or, as it reads on the label just below the “I’m Lovin’ It!” sticker, “#76 Ranch SLD-Grl.”

“I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve eaten it,” Chrissy says, recently recounting the day in her living room.  “Countless.”

She pays the $13.81 bill and places two sacks and her Diet Coke in the passenger seat for the five-minute drive home.  In the kitchen Kelley removes the salad, lays it on the wooden breakfast table, opens the clear top from the black, round plastic container and immediately squeezes out the packet of vinaigrette dressing.  Then, as she has for years, she closes the lid and shakes the container to blend it just right.

As the kids dig into their Happy Meals, the women begin eating their Crappy Meal.

And so far, the salad tastes normal.  And, with the appearance of chicken, grape tomatoes, shaved carrots, hickory-smoked bacon, cheese and mixed greens, it looks normal too.  Chrissy takes her first bite with a metal fork.  Kelley takes “seven or eight,” before her black plastic McDonald’s utensil bumps into something.  Forking aside a big piece of lettuce, she initially sees “a color I never see” in the salad.  Standing up and then crouching down, she identifies the mystery meat—a 5-inch dead rat, drenched in dressing, wholly intact from whiskers to tail, on its back, mouth agape.

Oh, Lord.  I made the mistake of reading that entire story right as I sat down for lunch.  I suddenly don’t have much of an appetite.  This story made the rounds some after Haley was hired, but I only now came across it thanks to the fine folks at the Dallas Observer.  If you have already had lunch, it’s a very interesting read.

The Haley’s filed a lawsuit for $1.7 million in damages, but the case was settled shortly before it went to trial.  Along with the settlement came a confidential agreement, so we have no way of knowing how much the Todd and Chrissy took home in their happy meal.

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