No Moss Is Just Fine With Chiefs Players

Even if the Kansas City Chiefs had put in a waiver claim for Randy Moss, they would not have been awarded the volatile wide receiver with the Tennessee Titans sitting ahead of them in the waiver order.  There were fans that wanted the team to at least take a shot to improve the passing game, but what about the players?  The Star asked and there weren’t any ringing endorsements for Moss.

Brian Waters

“Randy Moss-type talent doesn’t come on the market very often,” Waters said.  “That being said, let’s be honest: Randy Moss comes on this team, he can’t expect five or six catches a game.  Not the way we’re doing things right now.  Will that make him happy?

“Then you’ve got to ask yourself, if he’s not happy, no matter what the success of the football team is, if he’s not making the catches or getting the balls he wants, does that ultimately disrupt what you’re trying to do as a football team?  Is it worth it at that point? …  You’d be taking a huge risk.”

Derrick Johnson

“He’s clearly a really good player,” Johnson said of Moss.  “But I just think we’ve got a good chemistry.  You never know what’s going on up top, whether they wanted him or not.

“I wouldn’t see why they would.”

Chris Chambers

“This team, we’ve got guys who don’t point the finger,” Chambers said.  “There’s no coaches versus players or players versus players.  We don’t have anything in-house, for the most part.  There’s nobody really outspoken.

“We want that certain kind of guy.  I don’t know what that certain kind of guy is, but you want somebody who’s not going to cause distractions. …  Some teams can handle that.  Some teams can’t.”

I never thought that Moss was “The Right 53”-type of guy, but would have loved to see what a true threat at wide receiver could bring to the Chiefs offense.  Dwayne Bowe seems to have turned things around after falling on his face in Indianapolis though we’ll need to see more from him before anointing him as ready to be a true No. 1 receiver.

Sometimes you need to take a risk when a playoff run is at stake and I would have liked to see Kansas City roll the dice to see just how far this team can go.  With Moss getting adjusted to Tennessee, the Chiefs can prepare for the second half of the season with Bowe and hopefully Chambers leading the receiving corps.

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