No Need To Ask, I Know You’re Ready

After dozens of false starts – and more importantly false hope — the NFL players and owners have agreed to a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement.  With the new pact signed, sealed and delivered, it’s finally time for football again and, no, there’s no reason to ask if you’re ready because that’s obvious.

Hopefully this will be the last time I need to tag any post with “Lockout” at least for another decade since both sides were able to agree there would not be any opt out after seven years.  That’s right, labor peace for the immediate future.  We can stick to talking about free agency, trades and the draft instead of revenue sharing, benefits and decertification.

So now we get to get back to the fun stuff around here…  talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and the actual moves they are making as they try to repeat as AFC West champions.  The time for guessing and projecting is over and we’ll see real change hit the roster that won 10 games last season.

Contracts will start being agreed to on Tuesday and training camp will kick off Thursday in St. Joe.

Football is back…  and we’re all ready.

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