No Time Off For First Time Dad Cassel

Matt Cassel recently became a father for the first time, but he has yet to miss a single offseason practice.  And his coach wouldn’t have it any other way.

The child is Matt and Lauren Cassel’s first, which means he might be heading to Todd Haley for more advice than just football. Haley is the proud father of five children – four being girls.

Actually, when it comes to splitting duties between football and family, Cassel may have already taken a page from Haley’s book.

“I told him if I could have a baby during training camp and plan it in between two-a-days and make it to the morning practice and afternoon practice, he should be ok,” Haley laughed.

True story.

“That actually happened in New York, in 2000,” Haley said.

Haley and Cassel are clearly cut from the same cloth.

I had never heard Haley talk about basically “planning” the birth of a child around practices but I’m not one bit surprised.  Similarly, would any Chiefs fan expect anything else from Cassel?

No one would blame Cassel if he took a day or two off during OTAs to spend extra time with his first newborn, but he’s still been at Arrowhead every day along with the rest of his teammates.

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