No Vacation For Thomas Jones

New Chiefs running back Thomas Jones put in as much or more time than the rest of his teammates during “voluntary” workouts and was met with constant praise from Todd Haley.  But, as he tells Bob Gretz, don’t expect Jones to rest on his laurels during his “vacation” before training camp.

“You can’t bank it like you could with money and a savings account,” said Jones.  “But what you can do is push and show yourself what’s possible.  Then, it’s just a matter of dialing up the memories and the work.

“That’s why there are important things you get done mentally as well as physically in these sessions.  It’s a grind; there are times when you don’t want to do it.  But you’ve got to have the mental toughness to fight through and get things done.  That’s the same thing you’ve got to have in a game, in the fourth quarter, when you are tired and worn out.”

Those long hours at this time of the year are never far from Jones mind in the fall.

“When I’m running through a hole and it’s me and one other guy who is trying to tackle me, I know when I’m moving towards him that I put in more time than he did,” said Jones.  “I lifted more weights, I did more cardio, I worked harder and I’m going to win this battle.”

I’m sure it only added to his fire this offseason hearing from Jets fans and beat writers alike that he was on the downside, just to have those same people get excited when New York brought in LaDainian Tomlinson as his replacement.

The Chiefs could end up getting a lot more out of Jones than the two years he signed on for.

Not only is Jamaal Charles getting a first hand look at how to keep your body free of injury throughout the grind of a season, but don’t forget that first year back Kestahn Moore could end up paying dividends thanks to Jones.

Moore has been Jones’ shadow throughout offseason workouts and would be wise to continue in training camp.  If Moore turns out to be even a fraction of the player for the Chiefs that Jones has been over the past six seasons, it would be safe to say that the veteran more than earned his $5 million.

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