Philip Rivers Goes To Bat For Norv Turner

There is no love lost between San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers and anyone in Kansas City…  or really anyone not on his team.  But we’ve found a reason to be very thankful for Rivers: he’s lobbying hard for head coach Norv Turner to return to San Diego next season.

Despite once again starting the season with the most talent in the division and once again falling on their face, Rivers told the San Diego Union-Tribune he still wants Turner to lead the Charters.

“I really believe in him (Turner),” Rivers said. “I can’t speak for every guy, but the guys who have been here that know what this league is about, they all believe in him, too, and they all want him here.”

I can confidently speak for every Chiefs fan when I say, “Yes, please!”

There’s no doubt that Turner knows when he’s doing as an offensive coach and would like him if he were my coordinator.  But what else does owner Dean Spanos need to see to realize he will never get the job done?  According to Rivers, dealing in facts is just “false perception”.

“It’s unfortunate the way the year has gone, but I believe Norv is the guy.  He’s always had a false perception on the outside.”

Yes, false perception, that’s what it is.  If that’s what gets us at least another year of Turner and GM AJ Smith in San Diego then I’ll get on board supporting that theory.

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