Notre Dame Reunion Possible In Kansas City

It’s no secret that coaches like to work with players they are familiar with.  New Chiefs offensive coordinator could have a chance to bring in one of his former quarterbacks.  According to Browns President Mike Holmgren, Cleveland will not have another showdown between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

Holmgren’s preference is to pick a quarterback and do whatever’s necessary to make him successful.

“They’re both here right now.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not a big believer in that competition stuff.  We better make up our mind before we go to camp and then put our resources into one guy.”

Both players have issues besides their lackluster performance last season.

Anderson is expensive to retain due to a roster bonus scheduled for March.

Quinn is recovering from a foot injury that’s expected to sideline him for the majority of the minicamp schedule.

If the Browns were to release Quinn, he would go to a team that would give him a chance to compete for the starting job, something that would not be available to him in Kansas City.  But if he couldn’t find a team willing to give him that opportunity, the connection with Weis would be strong enough that he could end up with the Chiefs in a backup role.

Todd Haley has gone out of his way to praise Brodie Croyle — even calling him one of the Chiefs core players — but showed last season how important it is for a coach to be surrounded with people he is familiar with.

Weis turned a struggling Quinn into a first round pick during their time together at Notre Dame.  Could he help change the quarterback’s fortunes again?  Not likely, but something to keep in mind as the situation with Quinn and Anderson shakes out in Cleveland.

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