Chiefs Player Named In Ohio State Investigation

After months of turmoil, Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel resigned abruptly as Sports Illustrated was poised to release new allegations of violations within the program.  In the breakdown detailing former Buckeyes that were involved with a local tattoo parlor, the name of a current Chief briefly popped up.

From the 2008 team, [SI source] Ellis alleges that cornerback Donald Washington traded memorabilia for tattoos.  Washington now plays for the Chiefs; his agent, Neil Cornrich, did not return SI’s calls requesting comment.

As it turns out, Washington is just one of countless players being accused of NCAA violations during Tressel’s time at Ohio State.  He just seems to be singled out from the 2008 teams.

I would imagine that if he does ever comment, it will be similar to what most of his former teammates have done: deny it.  There’s no benefit for Washington to own up to anything three years after this allegedly went down.

Anyone that is shocked by these allegations has a serious case of naïveté.  That doesn’t make what has been going on at Ohio State or what is going on at virtually every big time college program in the country right, just silly to be surprised when it finally becomes public knowledge.

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