Luck’s Father Feels Connection To Hunt Family, KC

Three weeks into the NFL season and the sweepstakes for Stanford University QB Andrew Luck is already on… at least among fans of teams that are slow getting out of the gate.  At 0-3, the Kansas City Chiefs are right in the middle of any discussion regarding Luck’s future.

If the 2011 season continues to go down hill and the quarterback ends up in Kansas City that would be fine by his father, Oliver Luck, according to The Star.

“I’ve always felt a connection to the Hunts and Kansas City,” the elder Luck said.  “Kansas City’s a nice place, it really is.  But it’s a long season.  A lot of things can happen.”

Luck, the athletic director at West Virginia, reported to Lamar Hunt while working in the NFL Europe.  He also spent time as general manager in the MLS, where he built a relationship with Clark Hunt.

We are a long way from knowing if the Chiefs will be in the running for the top pick in the draft, but if they do somehow end up with the worst record, there is no doubt that Andrew Luck will be the selection no matter what sort of history his father has with the franchise and city.

Where the relationship will help is keeping the younger Luck enthused about playing in Kansas City.  In order to get the top pick in the draft, the wheels really need to come off — yes, even worse than they have.  For the most heralded college quarterback in years to be excited about becoming a Chief, it won’t hurt to have his father pumping him up about the opportunity behind the scenes.

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