Dear Mr. Hunt, Don’t Change A Thing

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I hope this letter find you well. I’m not sure if you were near a TV last night or caught SportsCenter this morning, but the NFL team you own, the Kansas City Chiefs, played on the NFL Network against the San Diego Chargers (they are a division rival).

If you didn’t catch the game, I’m sorry to report that things didn’t go so well. In fact, the worst kept secret among Chiefs fans — that this is the most embarrassing Kansas City team in years (in any sport) — is no longer a secret to the rest of the country.

As the NFL Network broadcast crew was more than happy to point out, your franchise has yet to hold a lead at any point in regulation this season, something that hasn’t been done this late in the season since 1929. To put that in perspective, your father, the amazing Lamar Hunt, hadn’t even been born yet.

The Chiefs turned the ball over four more times, bringing their total to an ugly and league-worst 29. That number isn’t bad, it’s unimaginable.

I’m not writing today to ask for you to fire GM Scott Pioli, head coach Romeo Crennel or offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, even though they haven’t done anything to justify keeping their jobs. I’m also not looking for any player(s) to be cut loose as some sort of scapegoat.

No, I’m asking you to continue exactly what you’ve been doing, which is absolutely nothing.

Let Pioli keep watching from the booth with a dumbfounded look on his face, a look that is only matched by the confusion on the sideline by the Chiefs coaches. Let the players continue to sleep walk through another lost season in Kansas City, even as the empty seats are quickly starting to outnumber the fans at Arrowhead.

See, when you allowed Pioli to fire head coach Todd Haley (he was the scruffy guy with the headset) last season, your team turned around and won two of their final three games (I know you for a fact you saw at least one of those). If the Chiefs would have continued losing under Haley, their pick in the first round could have been at least three spots higher.

I know, I know, a higher pick is paid more, but with the new rookie scale it’s not nearly as outrageous as it used to be. And if your hardline stance with picks anywhere in the first round will lead to a hold out, why not have it be a player with more talent?

That leads us to this season and the need for continued inaction on your part. Your team is on pace to score the No. 1 overall pick and there’s no reason to do anything that will screw that up. So it’s important you let Pioli, Crennel and the rest of these bumbling Chiefs to finish out this downward spiral.

Once the season ends — literally, minutes after the final whistle — you should fire everyone. From the GM right down to the water boys. There cannot be any connections left to the current regime. Clean house and bring in someone with an established record that will be more concerned with winning on the football field than keeping candy wrappers out of the stairwells in the Arrowhead offices (by the way, it’s probably time for a new cleaning crew as well).

Here’s to returning the Chiefs to relevance in the National Football League sometime in the near future.

All the best,

Ryan Jones
Chiefs fan\ owner

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  1. Well Said!!!!!

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