OTA: Haley Ends Practice Early


(photo via Rich Sugg)

The Kansas City Chiefs started their summer vacation early Tuesday, as coach Todd Haley ended offseason practice two days early, according to Kent Babb.

Haley said the team made enough progress that the players deserved a break.  But the break comes with a condition, that the players keep up the work they had done in the offseason drills and continue to make progress toward their expected level of conditioning.

The team was put through a harsh conditioning test today and Haley admitted that some players didn’t pass.  Those players — and everyone else — will have to pass the same test in order to begin training camp with the team in River Falls.

Love it.  First Haley runs the team into the ground and then as they are all cursing him, he cuts practice off two days early.  And unlike Herm Edwards who would just let the players go with a pat on the back, Haley let everyone know they need to not only maintain their progress over this break but in some cases improve.  I don’t know if the Chiefs will win many games this season, but I know they won’t get smacked around in the 4th quarter like last year.

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