Over Or Under 6.5 Chiefs Wins?

You can place a bet on virtually everything related to the NFL, but one of the most popular this week is the over-under lines for season win totals.  The folks at Pro Football Focus posed the question: Which team would you put you money on, San Diego (10.5), Denver (7.5), Oakland (6) or Kansas City (6.5)?  Khaled Elsayed took the Chiefs, but not in the way we would have liked.

I’m going to go with Kansas City under 6.5 wins.   I just don’t see it happening at this time.  They haven’t addressed enough issues with their defense, and as good as Tamba Hali is rushing the passer and their cornerbacks are in coverage, the whole package is a long way from complete.  Couple that with an offense that doesn’t fill me with confidence — even if they do give Jamaal Charles the ball as much as he deserves it.

You won’t find me beating the drum for the Chiefs making a deep playoff run, but under 6.5 wins?  With their schedule and (assumed) improvements, if Kansas City can’t get to 7 wins this season, Arrowhead is going to be a dark, dark place.  Yes, darker than last year.

There won’t be a whole lot of bets I will feel confident about this year, but over 6.5 is one of them.

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