Page, Cottam & Charles Talk Camp

The UWRF training camp site offers some great coverage of the Chiefs daily movements.  After today’s conditioning test, they caught up with Jarrad Page, Brad Cottam and Jamaal Charles.

Page didn’t seem too concerned with the competition he’ll be facing for his starting safety job.

“I don’t really get into competition.  I just go out and see what happens.”

He said the defensive transitions were going smoothly early on.

“Coach (Clancy) Pendergast is doing a great job explaining why we do everything the way we do.”

Cottam said the team knew the conditioning test was coming, so they had been preparing for it and working hard in the off-season.  He said that the mentality of the team so far has been exciting and that holding camp in River Falls helps the team stay away from distractions.

“There are no families.  It’s just the team.  It’s just us.”

Charles said he is ready to prove himself as an every down back.  But he also said he put on about eight pounds in the offseason, but that he doesn’t think the extra weight will take away from his speed.

“I’ve been running on the track to keep up my speed.  The extra pounds won’t affect me.”

Obviously Charles knows his body than the rest of us, but I worry anytime a guy known for his burst puts on any weight.  If Larry Johnson is going to stay motivated, Charles is going to have to push him the whole way.  As for Page, another one of the very intriguing position battles is in the secondary with the safety triangle of Page, Bernard Pollard and Mike Brown.  We are hours away from the pads going on!

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