Paving The Way For Coach Trent Green

The Chiefs recently announced that Trent Green would be a part of their preseason game broadcasts, but he just might have a new job soon: player-coach.  Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz could be in the market for Green’s services according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Martz is implementing his system for a team in win-or-else mode.  He’s trying to get Cutler prepared and can’t worry about developing Hanie and LeFevour.  There aren’t enough snaps to go around.  Therefore, it would be nice to have someone in place who already knows the scheme.

How about a two-time Pro Bowler who once played for Martz in St. Louis?  No, not Marc Bulger, although he’d be great.  Bulger, though, might want a chance to start and wants to be paid.

No, the other name making the rounds in some NFL circles is Trent Green, who last played with the Rams in 2008.  He battled concussions during a 14-year NFL career, including two severe ones in a 13-month period.  Green officially announced his retirement less than a year ago and has a promising career as a broadcaster.  He signed last week to do the Kansas City Chiefs’ preseason games and also works for Fox and NFL Network.

A source close to Green said Green talked with the Bears three or four weeks ago and decided to remain in retirement, but the situation might be fluid.  Another former Martz protege, Josh McCown, also has been mentioned.

”All of those guys … can still play,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said.  ”Having one of those guys on the team would probably make the team better, but a lot of things go into play before those kind of things happen.”

Ever since he retired, I was hoping the Chiefs would find a way to get Green on the sidelines as a coach.  Not only was he able to master a very difficult offense, but he could show young players how a professional is supposed to act off of the field.

Imagine one of your quarterbacks being a vital part of your team without ever taking a snap in a regular season game?  That is what having Green on your team would provide.

Having Green in the booth for their preseason games is a nice way to keep him connected to the franchise, but we can only hope it will eventually lead to a more expanded role with the Chiefs.  It’s been no secret that the Pioli-Haley regime has openly accepted former players as much as some would like but getting Green into the fold with the Chiefs young playmakers would go a long way towards fixing that issue.

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