Peter King Has Little Faith In Chiefs

In his MMQB column for Sports Illustrated, Peter King gives a rundown of who he likes tonight and it’s not the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chargers 30, Chiefs 17. In the Peter King DVRed Game of the Week (10:15 p.m. EDT kick?  I’ll be lucky to see the first Charlie Weis iso shot in the booth), I don’t think I’m making too much out of the prospective lack of Dexter McCluster for the Chiefs — if indeed he doesn’t play with this illness that has him doubtful.  Kansas City needs his Where’s-Waldo offensive spark.  But it’s not hopeless for the Chiefs, who should be able to attack the holdout-depleted San Diego offense.  Better get the ball out on time, Philip Rivers, and pay attention to your blind side.

I wonder what he would have predicted if he realized that McCluster was actually back at practice Saturday and upgraded to probable questionable.

There are actually two people on the Chiefs short injury list that are more important to watch that McCluster: Tamba Hali and Ryan O’Callaghan.

With the Chargers starting left tackle still holding out, the Chiefs will have a chance to get some pressure on Rivers, but only if Hali’s ankle holds up throughout the game.

Barry Richardson has actually come a long way while filling in for the injured O’Callaghan on the right side of the Chiefs offensive line.  Still, he isn’t polished enough to make me feel as comfortable as O’Callaghan.

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  1. I think that is a reasonable score. I am a Chiefs fan but desiring them to win won’t change the fact that the Chargers have a better QB and too many weapons to overcome.

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