Peyton Manning Keeps Derrick Johnson Up At Night

There is no limit to the amount of superlatives that you can hurl at Peyton Manning.  He continues to put up historic numbers and will be looking to expose the Chiefs pass defense.  Kansas City linebacker Derrick Johnson told The Star that the prolific passer has a unique effect on opposing players.

“Peyton keeps a lot of defensive players up at night,” Johnson said.

“Best quarterback in the league.  Tremendous arm.  Smart guy.  Doesn’t make many mistakes.  When he does make mistakes, we have to capitalize off it.  If not, there’s not going to be any chances for us to get anything done.”

I just watched the Jags-Colts game and was getting a little nervous as Manning ran through all of his different hand signals and shifts.  Then I remembered the best advice ever given about dealing with the Colts offense: ignore everything Manning does pre-snap.

Trust your game plan enough to execute it without letting a few head taps switch things up.  With former Colt Ryan Lilja on the Chiefs, expect Manning to throw in an unusually high number of phony calls and signals.

Johnson and the rest of the defense just need to take care of their own individual responsibilities while over communicating and they should be able to keep the Colts offensive numbers at a reasonable level.

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