PFF: Tamba Hali 2nd Most Productive Pass Rusher

During his five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, we have seen Tamba Hali wreak havoc on opposing defenses both as a defensive end and linebacker.  Now, according to Pro Football Focus, Hali is the  2nd most productive pass rusher in the NFL.

(Note: only players who rushed passer 100 or more times qualified)

The Overall Top 10

POS Team Name Rushes PRP
LB San Francisco 49ers Manny Lawson 111 16.7
LB Kansas City Chiefs Tamba Hali 306 15.8
LB San Francisco 49ers Travis LaBoy 120 15
LB Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews 242 14.5
DE Atlanta Falcons John Abraham 218 14.3
DE Seattle Seahawks Chris Clemons 297 14.1
DE Minnesota Vikings Ray Edwards 277 13.9
LB Cleveland Browns Marcus Benard 129 13.8
LB Pittsburgh Steelers LaMarr Woodley 236 13.6
DE St Louis Rams Chris Long 333 13.3

I know what you’re thinking.  Manny Lawson?  Manny Lawson!  Yes, Manny Lawson.

It’s important to note that Lawson has only rushed the passer 111 times, and so this could possibly drop as the season goes on.  He had a decent year in 2009, but only scored at 8.79 percent.

Indeed, it’s far less surprising to look one spot below and see that Tamba Hali is a clear point ahead of all players who have rushed the passer more than 200 times.  So as a full-time pass-rusher, it’s safe to say that Hali (even with that less-than-stellar game against the Broncos) is in a league of his own.

You can click over to PFF to get their well crafted formula, but most Chiefs fans don’t need to look at any numbers to know that Hali is one of the league’s best.  It’s true that he had a down game against the Broncos, but to be fair there weren’t many bright spots on the Kansas City defense last week.  Most weeks it’s near impossible to contain Hali without double-teaming or holding him.

Speaking of holding him…  I would love to see a full analysis of which players have the most penalties against them that aren’t called.  There’s no doubt in my ind that Hali would be at the top of that chart as well.

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