Poe Follows In Baldwin’s Footsteps

Before he was known for his altercation with Thomas Jones that cost him the first third of his rookie season, Jonathan Baldwin impressed with how he took the initiative to help the people of Joplin, MO.

Along with Matt Cassel, Baldwin took a trip to assist the recovery weeks before the Kansas City Chiefs franchise as a whole conducted a separate visit.

2012 first-round pick Dontari Poe is following in Baldwin’s footsteps — in a good way. When the Chiefs planned another trip, Poe told The Joplin Globe there’s no way he wasn’t going.

“It really wasn’t a question for me of whether I would come of not. It was an automatic yes.”

And before the cynical alarm goes off in your head, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was quick to note the trip was not mandatory.

“We just told them in a team meeting that this is what we’re doing, gave a little background, told them about the disaster and what the team did last year. And we said whoever wants in can be in. That was really it.”

Of the 90 players on the roster, only two dozen joined the over 100 Chiefs staff members as they rebuilt five new homes with Habitat for Humanity. It says a lot about Poe and the rest of the players that no doubt were ready to kick start their six week vacation before the start of training camp but were willing to give of their time for those less fortunate.

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