Pollard Can’t Wait Until Sunday

Earlier this week, Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson said that Bernard Pollard wants to knock a player’s head off while Todd Haley talked about being happy about his former player finding a starting role.  Pollard, for his part, tried to give the politically correct answer to the Houston Chronicle.  Tried.

“I was there before — things happen.  But it doesn’t matter.  This is another team we have to compete against.”

But once the cameras around his locker faded from sight, he opened up — a little.  Asked yet again if this was personal, Pollard replied, “It’s the answer I have to give.”

“Bernard is someone with great personality,” Haley said Wednesday.  “He has a great personality for a team.  Teams need personality.”

“I want to be clear about that — it was a tough decision and not an easy one.  Some are easier than others.  Like I said, I’m just happy for Bernard because I think a lot of Bernard.”

Informed of his former coach’s comments, a wry smile crossed Pollard’s face.  At first, he was content to allow the gesture to stand as his response.

But finally, the truth prevailed.

“You know what?  With (Haley) saying that, I’ll just say I can’t wait until Sunday,” Pollard said.  “I can’t wait.”

As I said yesterday, here’s to hoping that Pollard will leave all Chiefs heads attached on Sunday.  Say what you will about Pollard’s time in Kansas City, we saw time and again why he earned the nickname “Bonecrusher” during his time at Purdue.  Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis look to have the safety position locked down for the immediate future, but I’ve never wavered from the idea that Pollard could still be helping this team.

With the Chiefs rushing attack needing to dominate for the offense to have any success, getting Pollard blocked will be a big part of the game plan for Romeo Crennel.  Maybe Pollard will get himself so hyped for the game that he will help to take himself out.

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