Positive Chiefs Talk Increases Online

Even though the Chiefs lost Sunday to the Cowboys in overtime, the talk about the team online became more positive according to KCTV.

The Chiefs saw a 16.21 percent jump in the positive talk about their team online in the days following their loss, jumping to 44.37 positive.  The team had hovered around 28 percent positive talk in the two prior weeks.

Much of the new positive sentiment comes from a reduction in neutral talk.  After week five 29.2 percent of the talk was neutral and 26.44 was negative. The most influential site on the Web about the Chiefs continues to be the Arrowhead Pride blog.  The site had the top three influential stories from Oct. 11-13.

I do believe that thoughts regarding the Chiefs have become more positive in the last week, because despite the loss there were a lot of good things to take away from the Dallas game.  And as always no one gets to the root of an issue better than Joel & Chris over at Arrowhead Pride. Good job, guys!

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