Postgame Q&A: Matt Cassel Week 11

Following the Chiefs victory over the Steelers, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

How much do you think head coach Todd Haley wanted this one?

“I think it was close to his heart.  He grew up a Pittsburgh fan and a Pittsburgh kid and throughout the week you could tell it was an important game for him.  His father came in before the game and all of us had a chance to say hello to him.  To win like that in dramatic fashion, I am sure it was special.”

How does having RB Jamaal Charles and WR Chris Chambers change the dynamic of this team?

“You can see that Jamaal Charles has done a tremendous job and he has such an explosiveness about him that at any point of the game he can go the distance.  Chris Chambers has done a great job creating another element of big play possibilities for us that we really didn’t have early on in the season.”

Did you feel that this team kind of needed a win like this?

“I think the whole team needed it to let us know that it is going to be a fight.  That is what the NFL is all about.  It is week-in and week-out of tough opponents and at the end of the day, if you can keep battling and battling to keep yourself in the ball game, you will have an opportunity to win against good teams and that is what we did today.”

Can you talk about taking care of the ball?

“I was trying to do a good job all day of taking care of the ball.  That was one where I got outside of the pocket and was trying to make a play.  To respond the way we did, you could see the defense coming in saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, we will get it back for you.’  To have the offense go out there and put together such a great drive and tie the game when, at that point in the past, we wouldn’t have been able to do that [is an accomplishment].”

How important was it to get a home win?

“It is huge to win at home.  That is what these fans deserve.  They deserve us coming out each and every week and putting up our best effort, which we have been, but to get the some wins so they are excited to come to the ballpark on Sunday.  I am not only happy for our team but also for the people of Kansas City that we could get a big win against a great team like the Steelers.”

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