Postgame Q&A: Matt Cassel Week 14

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel met with the media following his team’s 16-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills.  Here are the highlights:

Is it better to sometimes throw the ball into the fourth row of the stands than take a sack like you did at times today?

“Well, you know, it’s always better to throw the ball out of bounds.  Obviously, I’d like to have that one back in the third quarter.  It was just a dumb play by me and I’ve got to be smart with the ball.  The defense rallied and picked us up and had the big interception for us.  The one in the first half, Jamaal (Charles) and I were on a different page.  I thought he was going to be coming a certain way and he was going to be my outlet and he went the other way and it was one of those situations where it just didn’t work out with the pattern.”

Do you feel like the fans may have turned on you a little bit today?

“Hey, they’re allowed to do whatever they want.  They pay the money to come here and we have to perform.”

Is the fan stuff frustrating though?

“You know, it’s frustrating not to be winning; that’s really what it is.  You come out and put so much hard work in each and every week and to not have the production all the time on Sunday and putting up the W’s for the fans, for us and for everybody, it’s frustrating.”

Talk about the fourth down from the one-yard line?

“It was a designed play that we had done during practice.  I would keep and hopefully we would get everybody to come down the line of scrimmage and I would be out to the side.  Obviously, they (Buffalo) did a good job of playing it today.”

That drop to WR Chris Chambers, as you look back at it, did you put the ball where you wanted it and did you feel it was a catchable ball?

“I felt that when I threw it and it came off, it was in the direction that I wanted to throw it.  Exactly where it hit him, I couldn’t really see the end result – I’d have to go back and watch the film.”

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