Postgame Q&A: Matt Cassel Week 15

Following the Chiefs 41-34 loss to the Cleveland Browns in Kansas City, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

How frustrating are the dropped balls?

“As a quarterback you just keep pushing forward.  I’m going to have throws that I want back and that I’m going to miss.  That’s just part of football.  The receivers know when they don’t catch the ball when they’re supposed to and it’s part of football and you just keep moving on.”

Did you feel you had enough time to throw today?

“I thought the offensive linemen did a great job over the course of the day and I believe we threw the ball around 40 times or so.  I had a lot of time to throw today and it was great.”

You seemed to make bigger plays today and have been doing so the last few weeks, connecting on plays down the field?

“You keep working on it and you keep giving these guys opportunities to make plays and Chris (Chambers) made some terrific catches down the field today.  I’m sure it helped getting Dwayne (Bowe) back in the mix.  For most of the day they seemed to double him and single-cover Chris.”

When you have a situation with guys dropping balls do you ever let that come into play before you throw the next time?

“Not really.  There are plays designed and we practice these plays and I know my reads and I’ll just keep going back to the guys who give me the best opportunity against certain coverages.  Like I said, Mark (Bradley) dropped the ball but he comes back to make the fourth-and-five for the touchdown.  That’s just me trusting that he’s going to do his job and he did a great job of bouncing back.”

You bounced back from two bad games so how tough is this homestand for you?

“It’s interesting you say I had two bad games.  But against Buffalo I felt like I threw the ball really well.  We had some turnovers in Buffalo and that’s part of the game as well.  I thought I threw the ball well enough today and am continuing to build relationships with these receivers.  I think Brad Cottam had a great day today.  He really stepped up and showed a lot.  Again, Jamaal Charles, I can’t say enough about him and his performances over the last so many weeks.  He’s just been a great addition for us.”

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