Postgame Q&A: Matt Cassel Week 4

Following the Chiefs loss to the Giants, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

How do you think you played today?

“We played good at times, we played bad at times.  I think, overall as an offense, we were definitely inconsistent and you can’t be inconsistent against a good team like the New York Giants.”

On the offensive line:

“I think they’re doing a good job.  They’re out there giving 110 percent each and every play.  We’re just going to continue to work at it until we get it right.”

What’s your comfort level with the  protection?

“I’m comfortable.  I know that when we call a pass I need to do my job.  I need to drop back, I need to keep my eyes downfield and try to deliver the ball.  That’s my job.  Their job is to do what they’re coached to do. I  don’t know much about the offensive line, and I don’t critique them because everybody has good plays and everybody has bad plays, same thing with me.  We’re just going to keep working hard, like I said.”

Mike Vrabel in as a wide receiver, introduced a little bit of the Wildcat.  Was that just to get things going?

“I think so.  Coach thought there was a place for it this week in the game plan, so we went ahead and put it in.  We didn’t have much success in the Wildcat.  Vrabel did the same thing in New England; he was out in the goal-line every week and he is a definite threat down there.”

After four games are you comfortable with the offense right now?

“When you’re 0-4 you’re trying to find a comfort level somewhere.  We’ve got to continue to make strides to do that.  I don’t know what you would say we’re hanging our hat on right now, but as we move forward we need to figure out our identity pretty quickly and get better at the things we do well.”

As a QB you have to juggle getting rid of the ball, not taking a chance, but not taking a sack. I t seems like you found yourself in that gray area quite a bit today?

“Well, there are times when you have to try and keep your eyes downfield to see if a guy’s coming open and there are times where you know that it’s time to try and get out of the pocket and let the ball go.  It’s not really a gray area, it’s more just a feel thing.  Until you watch the film, you don’t know what was really going on out there.”

How frustrating is it to give up seven points right away?

“It’s tough.  It’s an uphill battle, especially when you spot a team seven points right off the bat; against any team, let alone a good team like the New York Giants.

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