Postgame Q&A: Todd Haley Week 14

After the Chiefs 16-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Opening Statement:

“Publicly, I just want to thank the fans.  I thought the fans were tremendous for us.  I thought they were loud and a disruption for the Bills for most of the game.

“We went into that game with a clear-cut key that if we could win the turnover battle we would have a very good chance to win the game.  Early on we were doing very well in that area but we were unable to capitalize on some of the turnovers that we were able to create.  That hurt us and then in the end the turnovers put us in a position where we couldn’t overcome.

“I thought our defense played really, really well.  Now, we’ve got to do a better job against the run but I really thought the defense, for some of the spots they were put in, really fought it out and made a bunch of key, key plays that gave us a chance to stay in the game and get us back in it.  Again, to me, the biggest thing is not capitalizing on missed opportunities, whether it’s giving up a sack in field goal range or coming out of there early with zero points in the Red [zone] area when we had a very good opportunity.”

On going for it on 4th down at the goal line:

“That was a designed run with him on the edge where you’re trying to load everybody up in there. As the head coach you’ve got to make some of those decisions early in the game.  Just outside the one yard line it was a great opportunity for us to make a statement.  We didn’t get it done.”

Your quarterback threw four interceptions.  Why is that happening all of a sudden?

“I’ve been pretty clear that when an interception happens there are a lot of different factors that are involved.  I know today that two of them were tipped balls and the last interception is a jump ball situation and it appeared that (TE Brad) Cottam was tripped or knocked down.  He’s in there for that reason.  It looked like the ball was in the area where it has to be in a desperation-type situation.  As far as the interceptions are concerned, when two of them are tipped and one hits the receivers in the hands and is tipped up, it’s proof there are a lot of factors involved.”

Did you get an explanation on the play where the ball was tipped up, intercepted, but it appeared that Jamaal Charles got the ball back?

“I thought it was a great hustle play by all the guys.  The ball was definitely ruled a fumble but what they (the officials) said they couldn’t figure out was who had possession after the fumble.  Jamaal recovered that football and when he jumped up he was trying to get any officials’ attention to show that he had the ball.  The head referee told me they were unable to determine who had possession after #51 fumbled.”

On WR Chris Chambers’ day:

“I thought he made a lot plays in the game.  He was targeted quite a bit.  He’s another guy who’s been battling through some injury issues but he’s shown the desire to be in there and play.  Without seeing the tape on that throw late, I thought it was a big-time throw by the quarterback and probably a chance to get ahead in the game. B ut again, that’s the way it goes.”

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