Postgame Q&A: Todd Haley Week 2

Following the Chiefs 13-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the game:

“Obviously, very, very disappointed.  Not the result that myself or the team had in mind.  But it is what it is.  It hurts, but I think when you have nine penalties, two turnovers – really three at the end of the half considering that’s a turnover – a couple of other little lapses, you’re not going to win most of the time.  We’re going to have a smart team here.  Nine penalties and a couple of those things don’t reflect a smart team so we’re going to get back to work.  We work too hard at it and put too much time into it to not.  That’s what I take out of this game.”

On the last defensive drive:

“A couple of penalties severely hurt.  When we had the personal foul penalty we kind of were in a position to put them in a bit of a difficult position and we left them off the hook.  They made plays at the end and we had chances at the end to come back and to potentially score a touchdown or kick a field goal to win or tie and we didn’t do it.”

Do you feel like you coached smart today?

“How the half ended, I’d say no because I’m the leader of this football team and when you have the ball in an area where you can score points and you don’t get points it’s going to fall on me.  So, I’d say no.”

Third-and-one at the end of the game and you’ve got three timeouts. How come you didn’t run the ball to get the first down?

“I won’t get into specifics but the play called had a running back in a situation where, to me, it appeared to me as good as a run, a chance to get the ball into the running back’s hand.  The defensive end came around free on the backside on one of those plays but I don’t regret any of those calls at the end of the game.”

What did happen on that last play of the first half when time ran out?

“These are plays that we use and practice all the time.  In my terminology, it’s an out of bounds or incomplete situation.  If the ball is completed it must be out of bounds or if not, the ball has to be incomplete whether it’s intentionally dropped or not thrown.  That’s stuff that can’t happen.  I called the play, we got tackled in bounds, ultimately it’s my responsibility.”

How did Matt Cassel play?

“With the situation where he’s not 100% there were a lot of positives.  At the same time, he’s the quarterback of the team and he can’t give the ball to them at any time.  That’s never going to be all right.  It’s clear to everybody out there that the guy’s a fighter; he’s a competitive son-of-a-gun and I kind of like that.”

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