Postgame Q&A: Todd Haley Week 5

Following the Chiefs 26-20 overtime loss to the Cowboys, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the game:

“Tough, hard-fought game, a game we would have liked to have come out on top.  It was the first overtime together as a group.  I thought the guys fought hard in all phases.  I thought that, offensively in spurts, we showed some progress, although 15 minus plays again-that’s the area to me, offensively, that has to change.  We have to improve that. Defensively, we missed some tackles out there but I thought overall the guys competed to win the game.  It wasn’t the result we wanted and I know the guys are all hurting.”

If your running game had been more productive would you have gone for two points on your last touchdown?

“I thought we had moved the ball sufficiently and our defense had played well enough with just two missed tackles for big plays.  I thought we had played well enough to feel like whether we won the toss or not we had a chance to win the game, which I think was the case.  We won the toss, got a productive first down, and a penalty put us in a bad spot.  Anytime you get the ball back a couple of times in overtime I’m not worried.”

What happened on those two touchdown passes to Cowboys WR Miles Austin?

“Miles is a guy who was in Dallas when I was and he was acquired, and I’ve got to take my hat off to him.  He’s been working, trying to find his way.  He made a couple of huge plays, probably the biggest of his career.  We’ve got to cover better and we’ve got to tackle better. Period.”

Positives to take away?

“I’m pretty proud of our offense that… took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown in a two-minute situation. I’d say that’s a pretty big positive.”

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