Postgame Q&A: Todd Haley Week 7

Following the Chiefs 37-7 loss to the San Diego Chargers, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the game:

“It was a very disappointing performance across the board, not what was expected [after] a very good week of practice.  I think we were all excited to play the game and that probably makes it worse.  I don’t know if it’s ‘gave back’ but it was a disappointing performance that is not okay.”

How important would it have been just to get on the board before halftime?

“We knew we had deferred to start the game and we had a big stop to start the game, but we were obviously behind.  You’re thinking there as the last possession of the half to score points of some kind, knowing you’re going to get the football.  I called timeout and I really considered going for it, with the score at 27, but I thought we needed three points bad.  We kicked the field goal and missed it so that was a letdown.  Lance Long had a chance to make a play there in the end zone.  It was a great effort but he didn’t come up with it.  It was disappointing to end the half [that way] because then we allowed them to go down the field.  But we did start the second half positive, scored the touchdown then got the ball back again, had a couple people open that I thought were chances for big plays that we didn’t make.  They made the big plays, we didn’t.  Period.“

On the call to go for it on fourth and one with 5 minutes to go in the first quarter:

“It’s a yard.  Would I like to have that one back, I might – [since we gave] them the short field.  But I was aggressive minded, a play we had practiced.  I know it’s just a quarterback sneak but the ball’s not necessarily going to get snapped in that situation.  We thought we had the look we wanted, we snuck the ball and didn’t get it.  So we’ve either got to be better at sneaking it or it’s a bad call, one way or the other.“

How do you feel after this loss?

“Disappointed, mad, a little bit of a letdown, because we won a tough game last weekend on the road.  We had as good a week of practice as we had and we had a day in the rain that started out kind of ugly I really felt like out team came together and we probably ended up having our best practice of the year.  We had our best Friday of the year and I was really excited to get to the game.  I thought we had a chance to compete at home and it would have been nice to get back-to-back wins.  As it is we got our butts kicked across the board.”

On Lance Long being activated:

“He’s a kid that has worked hard and makes plays in practice every day.  We thought he could be very good on special teams, he was in on that first tackle.  But unfortunately he was knocked out of the game.”

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