Holmes Thinks Charles Could Topple His Record

As Jamaal Charles begins the first season of his young career as a featured weapon on offense, he has a long way to go before ever thinking of topping Priest Holmes’ team record of 6,078 yards. But if you ask Holmes (as The Star did), the former Chiefs star thinks it’s a possibility.

“He has the breakaway speed that not all players have; he has the ability. If they cater to his running style and his ability, I think that’s where his success will really show.”

Charles, who like Holmes attended the University of Texas, rushed for 1,120 last season, his first as the Chiefs’ regular starter. Holmes said that if Charles maintains that pace and stays healthy, it’s reasonable to predict that he could threaten Holmes’ record.

“It’s definitely going to take some more years,” Holmes said. “I think he’ll have an opportunity.

“As far as having another fellow Texan be able to break the record or get close to the record, that’s always good business.”

I know he’s not a Haley/Pioli guy, but it sure would be nice to see Holmes around the team more. Since retiring his has been nearly invisible, something that has completely been design on his part. But much like Trent Green, Priest would add a very unique view that would only help a lot of the young Chiefs.

As for Charles breaking the team record for rushing, it’s a bit premature to start thinking that far ahead. When Larry Johnson was running this town (in more ways than one as we know) it was just a matter of time before he was going to fly past Holmes. As it turns out he only came up 55 yards short, but it would have been closer to 500 if the team released LJ before last season as most had hoped.

I’m as excited as anyone about what Charles brings to the table. Last season I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t on the field more early in the year. But he has to put together a full season with big time numbers before we start looking towards 6,000 yards.

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