Holmes To Be Inducted Into Another HOF

Just a couple weeks after being inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, former Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes will add another honor to his resume.  This time it’s a spot in the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Friday night at the Alamodome.

“I’m very honored to be recognized and included in such a select group,” he said.

His unique name helped put him there.  Born Priest Anthony Holmes, he went by his middle name throughout high school and parts of college.

His mother almost named him Fox or X instead of Priest.

Holmes ended up at Marshall, where he played for coach David Visentine.

“He wasn’t very big, but he was one of those guys who, as a coach, you could tell had that special knack,” said Visentine, now retired and living in Irving.  “People like that see things other people just don’t see on the football field. I think he visualized the game and could see the spots he wanted to run to way before other people could see them.

“It’s just a knack, a God-given ability.  Not everyone has it, but he definitely did.”

After seeing his 76 touchdowns in Kansas City, I think that last statement is one that we can all agree with.  Holmes was never the fastest or strongest and clearly not the biggest but he still managed to turn in a couple of the best seasons you will ever see from a running back.

Another well deserved honor for Anthony, er…  Priest.

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