Q&A: Dwayne Bowe 9/16

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe spoke with the media today.  Here are the highlights:

How are things different on offense with Coach (Todd) Haley versus what Herm Edwards would have done or been doing?

“Herm’s a defensive coach.  He wasn’t even calling the plays the way Coach Haley is calling them.  He is being more aggressive as the game’s going on.  At first, we had to get acclimated to what they were doing – they had a few different schemes that we didn’t see.  As the game went on, Coach Haley got more aggressive and most of the wide outs were making plays.”

You guys had no hesitation going at CB (Nnamdi) Asomugha last year.  What is it that you see that makes you guys think you can go right at him?

“Just the playmaking we have on offense.  Like myself, we have a great quarterback and our offensive line is protecting him, and all he needs is time.  I improved, I matured more in route-running and catching the ball.  We’re going to go at him.  (Coach Haley) told me to play with leverage and to play low and to watch his hands.  Every game, he doesn’t show you the same thing every week.  You could practice what he did this week, but when we play him Sunday he could have a whole different scheme, that’s what I learned about him.  You never know what you’re going to get going against him.  But as long as you know your role, you’ll be ok.”

How excited were you with the arrival of Coach Todd Haley, especially after seeing what he did in Arizona last year with the Super Bowl run?  Did you light up when you realized he was going to be in Kansas City?

“Most definitely.  Going back and looking at all the points that the Cardinals put up, it just brought tears to my eyes because I thought, now I can really be able to showcase my talent even more.  And now having Matt Cassel, and picking up some free agents on the offensive line, the sky is the limit for the Chiefs.”

Reports early in training camp were that he was on you pretty good trying to bring the best in you out.  Is that true, and how is your relationship now?

“We’re cool now.  We’re on cool terms.  Anytime a new guy comes in, just like when I came in, they hazed me.  When Coach Haley came in, he figured he’d haze me, and he did, he did a good job.  He brought me back down to reality because once you feel like you’re a star on one team, all your technique and the way you perform starts to go down unless your team is good.  Right now our team is rebuilding, so he knows that’s the way he was going to come in here and go straight at me.  Now everybody is looking at me as a leader, and I’m doing very well.”

What other signs have you seen in the last six or seven months that Coach Haley is shaking things up a little bit?

“He’s doing a great job bringing in guys that he knows can perform.  He knows they win.  I think that’s a good thing, rather than going off word of mouth and bringing in guys that you really don’t know can perform and releasing guys that can play.  He’s doing a great job bringing guys in taking pressure off other guys.  Today’s practice was awesome.  He has WR Bobby Wade in, he is another wideout.  Rotation was great, everyone was catching balls.  He’s a mastermind when it comes to executing.”

How hard was it to lose your offensive coordinator just a couple weeks before the season started?

“It was tough, being with him for a year and getting acclimated to one playbook, and then getting a whole other playbook going into the first game was hard, but this is the NFL.  What you put in is what you get out.  I’ve been in my book ever since.  I’m actually supposed to be in my book right now, but I’m talking to you guys.”

How big is it to win this game after Oakland has beaten you at home the past two years?

“It’s not really about payback.  It’s about going out and executing.  It’s always exciting going against the Raiders, it’s one of our great rivalries.  The whole town will be pumped up for this week, just to go out and put on for the fans.  I know they’ve been successful the last couple of times, but I think we’ve got a little something special for them this week.”

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