Q&A: Larry Johnson On Training Camp 8/1

Following the Chiefs first training camp practice, Larry Johnson met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On his chances to be a featured back again:

“We don’t really know who we are as far as an offense yet, so anybody can be featured.  We have a lot of options in the running game and a lot of options in the passing game so it all kind of depends on what we want to be as an offense.”

If he’s more mature, business-like:

“For some reason it just clicked that way.  When you have your back to the wall and things don’t always go your way, you have to reorganize your priorities and put your head down and go to work.  That is what I have been doing since I came back to the offseason program.”

On Todd Haley:

“I love Todd.  As far as being a young coach and being a no-nonsense coach, he is somebody you can really be impressed with.  He knows what he is doing and he has been around a lot of great players.  For some odd reason I feel closer to him.  I can go up to him and talk to him about whatever and it’s the same thing with (Scott) Pioli.  Those guys are asking me to come in and try and make a difference with this organization.”

Are you content right now?

“Yes.  I like the organization I am in.  (QB Matt) Cassel is a great guy as far as off-the-field goes and it is fun to have that camaraderie with everyone.  LB Zach Thomas, LB Mike Vrabel, we are already getting into the O-State vs. Penn State thing.  It’s great to have guys on your team that you are impressed with.  I remember when I was a rookie watching Zach Thomas run up and down the field, it just feels comfortable.”

He follows up an impressive morning practice with not just a Q&A, but a very upbeat, positive one at that.  Keep it up, Larry!

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