Q&A: Mark Bradley

Former University of Oklahoma wide receiver and current Chief Mark Bradley sat down with The Oklahoman to talk about Kansas City’s slow start as well as the tough season for the Sooners.MarkBradley2

It’s been a rough start (0-4) for the Chiefs; how are you guys holding up?

Obviously a lot of guys are disappointed on how we’ve performed.  It’s the first year being together for a lot of us, but you can’t use that as an excuse.  We haven’t gotten a victory yet but we’re fighting for one every, week, so that’s a positive sign.

Both the Chiefs and the Cowboys will wear throwback uniforms today.  Do players like to change their game-day look once in a while?

I think so.  The ones we’ll be wearing will be the ones they wore when the team was in Texas.  The helmets look pretty cool, but the rest of the uniform isn’t much different than what we wear every week.  It’s just the helmets and the black shoes that are different.

OU has struggled this year.  What’s your take on its season so far?

It’s a bit sad because the guys on the team ragged on me when they lost to BYU.  They’re not a powerhouse team right now.  They’re not trying to lose games. They’ve just had a lot of things work against them.

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