Q&A: Matt Cassel 10/15

Following Chiefs practice, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On practicing in bad weather:

“I know we have a lot of outside games this year so it’s good to get acclimated to the environment, cold weather and the conditions.  I know that Sunday the forecast is kind of bleak, so it’s good to be out here in the cold and getting used to the conditions.”

On the no-huddle, two-minute offense:

“Two-minute situation is something that we practice each and every week.  In terms of how comfortable we are in that, I hope that we are comfortable because it’s always a situation that may come up and it’s an important situation because it gave us the opportunity to win the game last week.”

What is it that happens when you get into a situation when your back is against the wall?  Is that a situation you can flourish in?

“That’s something that we practice each and every week, we practice that two-minute drill.  It’s a lot of familiarity with the plays and how we want to attack certain defenses.  We know that when two minutes comes up, we have to make plays.  All of a sudden, you hit one big play and then you hit another one and you start moving the field and you get into a rhythm.  Sometimes the defense doesn’t have time to set up and we’re able to move the ball.  We made a big play at the end, Dwayne Bowe made a great catch in the end zone and the rest is history.  We gave ourselves an opportunity to win which is great to see.”

On the Washington defense:

“They’ve got one of the top defenses in the NFL.  I think, they’re ranked fifth or something like that.  It starts with their front four, Haynesworth and Carter and these guys.  The linebacking corps is fast and they come downhill, led by LB London Fletcher.  Then you go to the secondary and they’ve got a pretty interesting secondary.  They have a lot of physical ability.  Week in and week out we’ve been playing a lot of good defenses and this goes right along with the NFC East, with good, strong, physical defense.  We’re going to have to bring our work hats and come ready to play.”

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