Q&A: Matt Cassel 10/22

Following practice today in Kansas City, Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On practicing in the rain:

“It’s wonderful.  I’m still pruned-out (shows hands) and feel good.  It was a good day for us.  Coach likes to do that from time to time – go outside and kind of let us be out in the environment.  It was cold and wet today, and sometimes we’re going to have to deal with that.”

Where does a QB draw the line between trying to make a play and self-preservation?  Is that a hard thing for a QB to learn how to do?

“You know, especially early on, it was really hard for me to learn how to slide because you’re always fighting for extra yards and you’re competitive and you don’t know any better.  In terms of self-preservation, you just go out there and play the game, you don’t really think about it while it’s happening.  You just go and try to play and if you get hit, it’s part of it.”

At this rate, do you feel like you can last 10 more games?

“Heck yeah I do.  I’m ready to rock and roll.”

Does it send a message when you keep getting up?

“I hope so.  Hopefully I just continue to keep getting up.  That’s part of my job.  I have to stand in there and I have to deliver under pressure and there’s always going to be guys coming after me and trying to hit me and that’s just part of it, getting up after you’re hit and dusting yourself off and moving on to the next play.”

On the San Diego defense:

“They try to handle the run with their front seven, they’ve got a very powerful front seven with LB Shawne Merriman and LB Shaun Phillips leading the way.  Then you go into the secondary and you they’ve got two great corners in CB (Antonio) Cromartie and CB (Quentin) Jammer, they’re shut-down corners.  They’re two of the premier corners in the NFL and so you just have to be careful when you’re throwing their way – you have to know what you’re seeing and trust that your receiver is going to do his job.”

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