Q&A: Matt Cassel 11/12

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Theoretically, how long does it take for a QB and a WR to establish that rapport?

“I don’t know.  Last week, it happened pretty quickly with myself and Chambers.  It just goes back to both parties doing their job and Chambers did a great job of being in the right spot last week and knowing what he was supposed to do.”

Does he bring an element that maybe you guys didn’t have as far as WRs go?

“He definitely brings speed, he’s savvy, he’s definitely a professional – he’s been in the NFL for a long time.  Any time we’re lucky enough to have a guy like that on the team, he brings a lot of veteran leadership as well.”

WR Lance Long seems to be your new favorite receivers, how did he go from being on practice squad three weeks ago to being the guy you throw to the most on Sunday?

“Well there’s a reason why he’s on the field on Sunday.  Obviously the coaches noticed something and noticed that he had a spark and he’s definitely got a great skill-set and a great skill level.  He came out Sunday, he prepares hard, he works hard, he’s diligent about what he does, and he came out and he performed.  Anytime he gets open and I’m able to get him the ball, that’s a good thing.”

Does your return to Oakland have special meaning or will it be emotional after last year when your father passed away before you played at Oakland with New England?

“Yeah, it definitely brings back memories already; I’ve talked about it with my wife a little bit.  It was a tough game last year.  My father passed away last year during this week, it’s a tough go, anytime you lose your father during that, but it was a great way to honor him last year by getting a victory up there in Oakland and have the team rally around me.  It was a special day in my career, there was no doubt about that.”

A few years ago, QB Trent Green’s father passed away and he talked to us about how important it was for him to go out and perform well to honor of his dad.  Was that in your mind last year?

“There’s no doubt.  It was such a whirlwind of emotion last year.  My father passed away on a Tuesday and I got the news, and then I left for the next two days to be with my family and make arrangements and then I came back and had a good discussion with Coach (Bill) Belichick and decided that I would be ready to go and Coach (Josh) McDaniels was my position coach last year and was a huge rock for me during that time and really helped me and said whatever you have to do to get ready for this game, let’s do it.  But I think it’ll be a great way to honor your father.  And we went out and it was pretty special because of the way the whole team reacted.  Even after the game, there was a lot said and done.”

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