Q&A: Matt Cassel 11/5

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

How much did the break (bye weekend) help you physically?

“The break was great.  To get a few days away from here, to re-energize, come back focused, ready to go.  We need to start getting on a roll here and hopefully we can start putting some wins together.”

On new WR Chris Chambers:

“He’s only been here for two days or so, and I know he got in 12 o’clock Tuesday night or whatever it was, but you can already tell that he has great physical skills.  He’s been a professional for a long time now, he knows how to work and he’s already showing that out there on the field.  Hopefully he can help us and contribute.”

We’ve seen some new signs around the building, what do you think about those?

“I’m still getting to know them, so please don’t ask me to recite them right now.  It’s good.  It’s just a reminder to everybody to do certain things and stay on top of your job.”

How do you get off to a faster start – first downs, first drives, and first quarters?

“I think we just have to get into a rhythm early.  I think we’ve struggled a little to get into a rhythm early, whether it be getting in third-and-long situations early in the game and not being able to keep the drive alive, and then all of a sudden we’ll get into a little bit of a rhythm but we need to do it earlier.  But I can’t pinpoint one thing for you and say we need to run the ball more or we need to hit more short passes, I think we just need to come together as a unit and make a few first downs and get going early.”

What have you seen from the running backs with RB Larry Johnson’s absence this week?

“They’re doing a great job.  They’re all working hard.  It’s created a lot of competition there at the RB position, and you’ve seen that all last week and going into this week, and they’re all battling right now and they’re all eager to be out there and show what they can do.  I’m sure it’s exciting for them and it’ll be exciting to see how they do this Sunday.”

Did you stay here during the week off?

“I stayed here.  This is home, come on, Kansas City…  There was a little bit of couch time, there’s no doubt.  And just spent some good quality time with my wife.”

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