Q&A: Matt Cassel 12/10

After Chiefs practice today, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Coach has said that every experience is a learning experience.  What can you guys takes from the last couple of weeks, a great win against Pittsburgh and frustrating losses the last two weekends?

“That’s football sometimes.  Obviously you want to go out and perform each and every week and the last two weeks, I think the main thing that’s hurt us has been turnovers.  We can’t let one bad play lead to another and I think that’s the main things we’ve learned.  We’ve just got to continue to stay our course and if something goes bad, keep our composure and go out and try to make a play next time.”

Has there been any extra work between you and receivers after dropped passes, or issues from the last couple weeks that you’re focusing on?

“I think as a coaching staff, as players, we have specific things we want to work at as groups.  Really, that comes down to the coaches and receivers together, or the coaches and running backs, or the coaches and the quarterbacks.  We talk about a lot of different things.  Route running is something we always talk about, trying to stay consistent throughout the course of a game with keeping our balance with the running and passing attacks.  So we talk about a lot of that stuff.”

What did you learn from watching the fourth quarter from the sidelines last week Coach (Haley) thought that could be a beneficial thing.  Was it?

“I don’t know.  As a competitor, you always want to be out there and you always want to go out there and play whatever the circumstance may be.  I know the third quarter got away from us and the score was what it was.  Sitting there on the sideline, I guess I learned that I want to be back out there as soon as possible.”

On the Buffalo defense:

“They’re playing great pass defense, they really have been.  When you watch the film, it’s evident that they’re going to come up and try to challenge you with a lot of man-to-man coverage.  I know that they’ve had a lot of injuries throughout the course of the year, but they’re playing good football.  People have been able to run the football on them, but at the same time, we have to be able to take advantage of that man-to-man coverage and try to get big-play opportunities when they present themselves.”

Some people have said you hang on to the ball too long.  As you look at tape from this season, do you think that you do need to release the ball earlier or do you think that the people that are saying that aren’t seeing what you’re seeing?

“Well I don’t think anybody that sits there, watches the game and tries to evaluate the game, they don’t know my reads, they don’t know one pattern that I’m supposed to be reading, they don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at, so for them to sit there and evaluate and say ‘he’s holding the ball too long, or he’s doing this or he’s doing that,’ they really don’t know what’s going on out there other than the fact that they’re looking at the overall product.  It’s easy for someone to sit back and critique somebody from the sideline, but at the same time, it’s different when I’m being coached to do something specifically, I’m not saying that all the time I’m doing it right or perfectly by any means, but at the same time, that’s kind of how it feels sometimes.”

What did you think of RB Tim Castille’s arm?

“He got a pretty good arm doesn’t he?  Any time you have a running back out there and they’re trying to throw passes, and they try to throw them accurately, he did a great job of it in the game and we were all impressed.  But he showed that during practice, that he had the arm and he was capable of doing it.”

Do you feel you’re a different quarterback at all from when you came here on day one?

“I think I’ve matured a lot over this season.  I like the saying that adversity leads to advancement.  There’s a lot of adversity going on right now and it’s been tough at times, but at the same time, I’ve tried to stay consistent.  Like I said, I haven’t changed my approach at all; I continue to work hard and continue to do the things that I have done in the past that have made me successful.  I’m going to continue to do that as I move forward and try to become successful as we move forward.”

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