Q&A: Matt Cassel 12/3

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

How productive can you be throwing the football if the conditions are poor on Sunday?

“You can be very productive.  I’ve had games in the past when we’ve had 300-yard-plus throwing games in those types of conditions, even worse with snowing and wind and everything like that.  It’s just part of execution and some guys making big plays.”

On starting games slowly:

“You know, I can’t just pinpoint one thing.  For whatever reason throughout the course of the year, we have been very slow starting ball games.  We’ve talked about it, we’ve preached about it and we just have to start stringing points together.  I thought we got off to a good start for a second there and all of a sudden we stop ourselves or we miss a throw or we don’t hit a run and we put ourselves in third and long and we don’t get going. Anything we can do to get started early, I think that’s what we’re really trying to emphasize on.”

Last year you had a pretty good game against the Broncos, is there anything you carry into this game because of the whole change out there?

“Not at all.  It’s a completely different defense when you watch them on film.  Mike Nolan is running the defense there and he’s carried that defense over.  There have been a lot of changes from what he did in San Francisco last year to what they’re doing even in Denver, so there’s not much carryover from what they did last year Denver-wise compared to what they’re doing this year.”

What kind of factor in your development was Denver head coach Josh McDaniels?

“He was a huge factor.  I was there for four years with him and he was my coach my whole way through.  Coming in as a rookie, I think I was his first rookie that he really brought up because that was his first year he was the offensive coordinator.  We spent a lot of time obviously together over four years.  Throughout the off-season, he would always have projects for me to work on and develop my skills, whether it was mental skills or physical skills.  A lot of what I’ve achieved and where I am now is attributed to Josh McDaniels.”

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