Q&A: Todd Haley 10/14

After Chiefs practice in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On Tamba Hali:

“I think Tamba has taken what he knew would be a difficult transition when we came in here and said what we were going to do defensively.  He took it with open arms, worked his butt off and it’s hard to find anyone who’s worked harder than him in all areas physically and in the film room.  He’s taken on a leadership role with this team on top of it.  Tamba Hali to me is the type of guy we’re looking for around here.  The more of those that we can get around here the better off we’ll be.  I don’t think his statistics reflect how well he’s played for us.”

It seems like everybody on the opposition knows about him.  What is it that he does that gets everybody’s attention?

“I think he’s got an extremely high motor.  He plays every down with the same intensity.  It’s hard to find him taking any kind of rest out there.  The off-season and the conditioning aspect that he put his body through to get ready for this season I can see why and how important that is to him.  He plays with a high effort every single snap start to finish.  He’s got very good balance, very good quickness, explosion and I think excellent core strength to get to the edge to do some things that good pass rushers have to do.  On the stat thing there was at least one holding (call) last week and there probably could be a lot called because you see him a lot on the edge and the offensive tackle having to do things not so legal to get him stopped.”

On Glenn Dorsey:

“Glenn is a guy that it’s pretty well documented came into the off-season program extremely out of shape, probably so poor that his body and his frame just wasn’t able to handle that weight and allow him to do the things to necessarily get in shape.  It’s been a long road and Glenn has got himself in condition now.  He’s at the weight we assigned to him which probably looked like an impossibility back in the spring.  I think that’s starting to pay dividends for him.  His overall stamina is much better where he can play like that motor I’ve been talking about in Tamba.  Those defensive linemen and linebackers have to be in better condition than everybody else so they can play at that high level of intensity every single snap.  Even early on in the season, you could see Glenn fight to get to that weight.  He wasn’t really there yet so there was some up and down play.  It might be one play on and one play off.  We can’t have that.  But two out of the last three weeks he’s been more like what you’d envision him being.  I think this week is critical for him to build on last week which was probably his best game over all.”

On Branden Albert:

“His mindset is right and he wants to make it back.  He’s doing everything in his power to be back and I wouldn’t bet against him.”

Tank Tyler is still listed as a backup. Are you waiting for him to get nastier?

“Defensively across the board we have to be better everywhere.  Ron Edwards stepped it up going back three weeks ago and right now I feel that Ron in there gives us the best chance to win right now.  Obviously, Tank can change that by improving his game.”

I couldn’t agree with Haley more in regards to Hali.  After giving him the game ball this past Sunday as the Chiefs best defensive player I received more than a few emails wondering how anyone that only had 1 tackle and zero sacks could have been the best player on the field.  But if you watch him on every play you see the disruption he causes to a team’s offensive rhythm.  As Haley mentioned, if he’s not being chipped by a tight end there is a running back to help out the tackle.  And almost every time the quarterback drops back and Hali is one and one with the tackle you see pressure.

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