Q&A: Todd Haley 10/15

Following a Chiefs practice in less than ideal weather conditions, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the wide receivers:

“They definitely made some big plays (vs. Dallas).   The third-and-long catch by Bobby Wade on the seam ball where he took the shot, then obviously the fourth-down throw to Dwayne (Bowe).  Those were big plays and plays to build on for those guys and for us.  Now, there were other plays in that game – and in the last couple of games — where I thought we had some potentially game-changing plays that haven’t been made.  It’s a work in progress and they need to make plays.  It’s their job and they to do a good job in the run game.  That’s their job.  We just need to be better across the board and that’s another spot where that holds true.”

On Brandon Carr:

“I’ve seen Brandon continue to get better.  He obviously looks the part; he’s big and strong and really fast.  I think as we’ve gone forward here I’ve seen Brandon continue to improve and I think he wants to be a good corner in the league and I think he works at his craft very hard all the time before and after practice.  I’m encouraged that Brandon is going to be a good corner in the league.”

What can you do to stop those big offensive plays that happen to you like happened on Sunday, the big pass plays?

“We’ve just got to be better; we’ve got to be better at technique.  We’ve got to be better as coaches in putting the right guys on the right players.  That’s a tough situation.  Miles Austin was Dallas’ fourth receiver probably going into this year.  That guy had a phenomenal game and you’ve got to give him credit.  We’ve just have to do the little things right technique-wise that we’re working really hard at, DB’s included.  You see them out there after practice every day.  They stay and work technique.  You’ve got to do the little things at that position because if you’re not doing the little things at the start of the snap it’s going to cost you later on in the play.”

The DB’s like to go for the ball and make the big play. But if they miss it the other guy makes the big play.  What do you tell them to do?

“If you go for the ball you’d better intercept it or knock it down.  Period.  If you don’t then you’re not making the tackle and you’re probably losing the game.  That’s a risk-reward.  That’s a split second decision you’ve got to make and you’ve got to make the right decision.  You’d better be sure of it if you’re going to go for the ball.  It all falls into the technique because there is a way to go for the ball and still have a chance to make a tackle, and there is a way not to.  It all falls into that technique of how you’re covering and with what technique you’re using.”

Is Matt Cassel 100%

“Matt’s still wearing the brace and I think every once in a while he feels it, so I wouldn’t say he’s 100% by any means.  Once he’s 100% and out of the brace then I might judge him.  I think Matt is a work in progress too, but I think last week some of the things you saw are some of things we’re going to expect from him as we play.  I think he has the determination, the skills and he works hard at it.”

Why did you go outside both days on cold, wet and windy conditions?  There have been some coaches here who would not.

“I just think that having been in Arizona for two years I really thought that was something that hurt us – the fact that it was too nice all the time.  We were never in the mental mindset to play in those conditions.  I think it can be a huge advantage for us here as long as it’s not holding us back.  I think the fields are a little bit of an issue when it’s messy but I still think the benefits outweigh the negatives.  I just think it’ll help develop the mindset that we need to be a championship team.”

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