Q&A: Todd Haley 10/19

After reviewing the tape from the Chiefs 14-6 victory over the Redskins, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On his first win as a head coach:

“Honestly, I said to a couple of guys yesterday I didn’t feel like we were 0-5.  We weren’t acting like a 0-5 team, although that’s what our record was.  I would have surely expected to have had a couple of wins out of the way before yesterday.  So, really until I got on the bus and turned on my phone and saw probably as many messages as when I got the job did it kind of hit me.  First of all, a lot more people than I thought cared about me, or were pretending to.  That hit me a little bit.  But right after the game in the locker room it just felt like what we should have been doing anyway.  I said in the press conference after the game going into each and every one of those first six games I felt like we were going to win or had a very good chance to win.  They didn’t turn out that way until yesterday so I guess I didn’t make a big enough deal about it but I’m happy that it’s over it.”

A lot of comments from national media following the game was that it was an ugly game.  Is that the way you’ve got to play football?

“Yeah.  Would we have liked to have scored points in the Red Zone?  Yes.  Did we have opportunities to?  Yes.  We need to do a better job executing and calling plays, all those things.  But they don’t draw pictures at the end of the year.  It’s just wins and losses and we need to find a way to get wins.  That is a very difficult place to play.  I can speak from personal experience.  I’ve gone in there with some very good teams and not come out victorious very often.  I think twice in the last seven years….  So, to go on the road against an NFC East opponent and come out with a win I don’t care if it’s 2-to-nothing.  It’s a win and a big win.  You ask any of the other 31 teams in the league and they’re going to say the same thing.”

It’s been about two months since you took over the offense.  Is everything starting to click even without the touchdowns?

“I think we’re finally or now have a core set of plays we go to in certain circumstances.  I feel like we’re making progress.  Has it been easy?  No.  Did I think it was going to be easy?  No.  It’s really hard, really hard for the players.  We’ve asked them to do a lot in an effort to be further along as we go forward.  But I think we’re making progress.  The thing I’m encouraged about offensively is to go into Washington and to have two penalties and one of them being the quarterback going across the line and one holding call and to not turn the ball over.  That’s huge and that’s a good defense.  They’re statistically a good defense.  They play hard, they’re physical and tough.  We protected the football.  We did what we had to do to win.”

What can you do statistically to keep bodies off your quarterback?  He’s getting hit too much.

“I stopped the tape multiple times today to point out Matt taking big time shots from 300 plus pound defenders in an effort to let the other guys know that they need to do their part.  This guy is going to stand in and take that kind of a beating.  We need everybody kind of thinking and acting like that.”

On Mike Richardson:

“Thought he did a pretty good job.  Had a good week of practice but he was under the spotlight for sure and I thought he came out and competed and came out there on special teams and had a couple of tackles or was in on a couple.  That’s positive.”

What did you think of the player bath they gave you at the end of the game?

“It was not something I factored into the equation.  I’ve heard some negative feedback on my bath but I enjoyed it once I realized what was happening.  The game wasn’t over and I’m the worst.  I’ve got to see zero, zero, zero and then I’m still looking for a flag before I believe it’s over.  That’s just the way I’ve been taught by my father.”

On Ryan Succop’s potential:

“Our special teams coach, Steve Hoffman, is a true kicking guru.  It’s what he’s done for a long time and I know Scott and myself have great confidence in him.  He’s had a knack for finding guys.  He’s seen a bunch of these guys and knowing ones that have a chance and ones that don’t.  He spent a lot of time with Ryan and thought he had a chance to succeed.  Now, Ryan’s here and working hard and is doing it the way he’s been coached to do it.  Yesterday was a nice little reward for him.  It was a huge game for him in poor conditions.  The field was re-sodded and where they were kicking from was not real good.  Some elevated undulations, some things like that.  The wind was difficult but he stood up and made the tough kicks.”

On Wade Smith:

“Wade did a pretty good job.  He showed his value – a guy you don’t hear a lot about who’s covering all the (offensive line) spots.  He’s got some versatility and then all of a sudden he’s got to come in during that final drive last week and did a good enough job for us to have a chance to win.  I thought he did a pretty good job and I was pretty impressed with the effort.”

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