Q&A: Todd Haley 10/22

Following a rainy practice in Kansas City, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On practicing in the rain:

“These are conditions we have to play in.  I think that days like today, and being a wide receivers coach for so long, you kind of want days like this to concentrate.  I loved rainy days and windy days as a receivers coach just because they required great concentration to get the job done.  I thought today was very productive before it was all over.  It didn’t start that way but it ended up pretty good.”

On Ron Edwards:

“Ron got our game ball on defense (vs. Washington), so he played a heck of a game.  Ron is a guy who bought in 100% starting in the off-season program.  He changed his body; he’s a big boy and is still a big buy, but he lost a significant number of weight and weight he had been carrying for a long time in his career.  He changed over a span of time.  I think it’s starting to show and the last couple of weeks he’s been a pretty disruptive force in there.  I’m pretty excited about watching him this week.”

Who spells him at NT?

“We’ve been giving reps to a couple of different guys that have nose (tackle) possibilities.  I think any number of guys: Glenn Dorsey could play in there if need be, Wallace Gilberry’s got some reps, so we’ve got a plan if something were to happen significant.  But I’m happy with Kenny (Smith) after two days from what I’ve seen of him.  He’s a guy with a lot of potential; it’s always been durability for him.  So, if he can stay healthy and play I think he’ll be a help also.”

How far does the first win go in establishing an identity for this team?

“The biggest thing about the win to me is that you get some positive results.  Like I said, these guys have worked really, really hard going all the way back to March.  To not see results makes it all the more hard.  Winning cures a lot of ills.  It’s an amazing feeling what a win will do throughout the building and throughout the team.  It’s hard to win and I’ve been on teams where we’ve won four and five in a row and you lose one and you think, how the heck we going to win again?  It’s that hard every week and a win does wonders for the mindset of every one.”

Will Branden Albert play Sunday?

“We’re going to evaluate further tomorrow and he’s doing everything he can to try and be ready.  If he’s able to go he’ll go, or might be in a backup role.”

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