Q&A: Todd Haley 10/28

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Opening statement:

“With all due respect, I’m not answering anything on Larry [Johnson].  Period.  If you want to ask questions about our team and the bye and getting better that’s what I’ll answer.”

What are you working on?

“Kind of like I touched on yesterday, the things that have been a consistent problem for us.  On offense, minus plays – doing things that will help us eliminate those plays.  We’ve now done an extensive study on it trying to figure out why, trying to implement some of those thoughts into practice.  Defensively, really just trying to work together as a unit and eliminate big plays and hone in on what we do well as a team across the board, special teams included.”

Can self-scouting be eye-opening at times?

“Yeah, it’s very eye-opening.  Self-scout is something we do all the time from week to week but when you actually sit and you put the plays together – say, all the sacks together or all the minus runs together – now as you start to watch it you start to see a little bit of a pattern.  You realize some things maybe you haven’t realized in the week to week process.”

On Kolby Smith:

“Again, I haven’t been around Kolby up close and personal other than the Combine or the pre-season.  I don’t have a great bit to judge him on.  But I do know that it’s a difficult fight he’s gone through to get to where he’s at.  I would say I’m encouraged where he is right now.”

Is there anything you learned that you might do a little different than you did the first seven games?

“I think that’s something I do work on all the time just because it’s the bye week although this does give us a little more time.  I’m trying to be the best I can be every day in whatever ways I can improve to better coach this team and coach my staff.  That is something I’m always trying to evaluate and improve.  I understand this is a first year thing for me and, as I’ve kind of said in here a bunch, every day is a new day and every day is a learning experience for me and every game is a learning experience with all the things a head coach has to do that I haven’t had an opportunity to do.  So, I think it is all one big learning process for me and I’m trying to ask the right questions of people: what do you think, what do you think I can do, how can I be better?  I think that’s the way you improve.”

Will the rest of the season be a better microcosm or a better example of a Todd Haley offense?

“I hope the second half of the season we’re a top five offense.”

Does this week give you a chance to catch up installing some offense that you didn’t get a chance to change?

“Without a doubt.  This week is much needed.  Sometimes bye weeks are needed to get healthy.  A lot of different reasons bye weeks help you out.  It couldn’t come at a better time for us because we really were in a pressure situation to get the offense in, to get it learned and get it taught.  This is a great week to have some extra time to fine tune it or talk about some things that we really didn’t have time to get to.  I think it’s perfect timing for us offensively.”

How comfortable would you be entering a game with Jamaal Charles as your primary back?  Is he an every-down back?

“As I said, running back is a position of strength for us.  The fact that Kolby is coming around is an exciting thing for me because I think he’s got a chance to be decent.  But that’s a position of strength for us but we haven’t been where we need to be obviously.  I think we’ve worked hard at running the ball but really the results aren’t there right now.  Again, this week is a great week to really improve that aspect of our offense.  With this team running the ball is something we’re going to have to do successfully to compete every week.”

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