Q&A: Todd Haley 10/8

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Did you get all the work you wanted to get done going indoors today?

“We tried like heck to go outside but by the time we broke our meetings there was about a four inch puddle down the middle of the field and I just thought it would be counter-productive.  I thought the indoor went well.  We had the pads on and I think that’s a first for us practicing inside.  Inside things always pick up.”

On Tony Romo:

“I was with Tony for three years.  I really think a lot of him.  He loves the game.  He plays it that way with passion and enthusiasm and he increases the margin of error for his team.  That’s originally why we put him in back in 2006 or 2007 or whenever it was, because of that ability to keep plays alive.  They’re very good on explosive plays and a lot of that is him.  They’re running for a bunch of big plays but when they’re throwing it it’s generally because of that ability.”

On Sean Ryan:

“I’ve had experience with Sean in the past.  We actually tried to get him to Arizona and he went to San Francisco at the last minute which I still haven’t quite forgiven him for.  He’s a bring-his-lunch-bucket-to-work guy.  You know you’re going to get a full day’s work from Sean.  When the practice is over he’s beat up, he’s usually bleeding, there’s a new scar every day and when the game goes on it’s the same thing.  I like those kinds of guys.  I like those kinds of players.  You know you’re going to get a full fight from Sean Ryan and that’s the type and attitude we’re looking for.”

When you were down in the Red Zone last week you went to Leonard Pope once.  Do you expect to do more of that?

“All those tight ends have routes that they get a lot of work on.  Obviously, when you get a guy that’s plus 6’5″ whether it’s Brad (Cottam) or Leonard (Pope) you’ve got some unique skill sets.  Now, the problem is they don’t always get to work on that stuff a lot, so if you’re doing some of that you have to make sure you’re working and practicing at it and developing their skill.  It’s easy to say a guy is 6’7″, so throw it to him on the fade, but unless you’re out there practicing and working at that it’s not an easy situation to be in.”

What do you see in Matt Cassel that you saw in Tony Romo?

“Different types of quarterbacks.  I don’t think that Matt has the quickness that Romo does to dodge in and out of things and move around.  But Matt in return is big and can see over things that Tony might have to move out and find during the course of a play.  But the gym rat portion of it, loving football, they’re very close to the same.”

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