Q&A: Todd Haley 11/6

Following the Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Could Chris Chambers play this weekend?

“Yeah, he’s worked really hard.  I think he’s a pretty smart guy.  He’s 4.37 coming [out of college] and still has pretty good speed.  He is a little different than most of the guys we have, so I think there’s a chance he can be up and contributing.”

What’s your biggest fear with DaJuan Morgan starting his first NFL game?

“I don’t have fear with him playing.  I think when DaJuan was in there in the preseason he’s done a pretty good job.  He had an interception in the St. Louis game.  He has a nose for the football.  He had a good week of practice along with the other guys.  I wouldn’t say that I have any fear with him being back there.  I think he’s ready to go.  He’s got good speed, good ball skills, he’s a good tackler and I think he understands what we’re trying to do.  Again, I think he’s much like a couple of the other guys who are getting a real opportunity this week.“

On “The Sign”:

“Let me say [something] on this signage issue that is apparently just going off the charts from what I heard.  What I told you guys is the truth.  That sign was actually talked about in February.  We have many signs up and in many different spots.  I wanted that one in an area where the players would see it on their way to the field.  It’s quoted by a Hall of Fame New York Giant, a player.  It was in our New York Jets facility and in our Dallas Cowboys facility.  Not in the locker but in the facility where the players and everybody could see it.  We’ve got a bunch of former Jets here.  Richie Anderson actually reminded me of that sign and how much it meant to him as a player.  So, that’s the origin of the sign.”

And it was supposed to go up a couple of weeks ago?

“It’s a sign that we probably talked about in my first staff meeting which was in March.  We talked about signs and which ones we wanted up and obviously we’ve been behind.”

Have you ever been in a practice facility that didn’t have signs?

“No, never. Never.”

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