Q&A: Todd Haley 12/16

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On Branden Albert:

“I think Branden went through a little injury spell that probably set him back a little bit.  I think he’s probably feeling the best he’s felt all year.  I think he’s understanding what we’re asking him to do as our offense has continued to evolve and settle in.  That’s allowing him to play a little faster and a little more aggressively.  I think that’s really across the board.  There are a lot of young players that are playing and are learning a new system in all areas on offense, defense and special teams.  It takes time for them to understand what we want them to do.  I’ve talked to you about that.  Do they know what to do is first and then it’s how they’re doing it?  It’s how they’ll be evaluated.  The more they get comfortable with what we want them to do the faster and more aggressive they can play in all areas.

“I think Branden has got more and more comfortable and he’s had a bunch of big tests.  Some of the defenses we’ve played at the position he’s asked to block have been big tests.  But I would not use the word regressed.  He’s been up and down a little bit more than I would like and he understands that.  He just has to continue to be more and more consistent and eliminate the little penalties.  He just came to me right now upset about the false start because it couldn’t have happened at a more inopportune time coming off a big touchdown run.  If anything I would say it just has to get more and more consistent.”

On Dwayne Bowe:

“Dwayne looked like he did a good job while he was away keeping himself in condition.  Really would have liked to have seen where he would have been had he been here the last four weeks because he was making so much progress leading up to the suspension.  I thought it was really important that Dwayne worked real hard while he was away.  That sometimes is hard to do when you’re on your own and you’re not able to practice football.  But Dwayne was a breath of fresh air out there.  We’ve continued to evolve offensively and there was a lot to learn there for him.  I thought he picked it up pretty fast and he was here Monday and Tuesday trying to catch-up and I think he’s done a good job.”

Why is Cribbs so good breaking tackles?

“I think he’s a strong runner.  He uses the stiff arm very well which is an underrated weapon.  It’s one we work real hard on and it’s a natural weapon.  I think he just has very good balance, is a strong runner and keeps the ball in the proper hand which frees up that inside arm to help shed tackles.”

On Tyson Jackson:

“As I said in the beginning, at that position it’s no different than Russell Maryland.  It’s not a super sexy position that is necessarily going to have a lot of stats.  Not to say that he can’t have stats and we expect him to be a productive player, especially as he gets more and more comfortable.  It’s a big job and there have been signs of progress.  In the last game he was active and got into the backfield a couple of times.  He’s doing a better time of chasing on the back side.  There are a lot of things being thrown at him and at the position he’s playing you don’t always see instantaneous results.

“I think the guy has a tremendous work ethic.  He works before practice, during and after on technique – 24/7.  He’s in here watching tape, but, again, it takes a little time.  He’s a young player playing that position.”

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