Q&A: Todd Haley 12/25

Following the Chiefs Christmas practice, Todd Haley met with the media (made up of only Bob Gretz today.  Here are the highlights:

Do you see any useful purpose in creating momentum for next year?

“I think there is no doubt you can create momentum.  I don’t think it’s a must for success, but when you can finish strong that you definitely give yourself a boost going into the off-season.  If a particular side of the ball does well you’re able to give yourself a bunch of confidence going into the off-season.  I’ve been a couple of places, and most specifically Arizona, where that has happened.  There’s no doubt in my mind winning the last two games in ‘07 from my perspective as an offensive coach we got it going and built on that for off-season and it definitely gave us a boost going into training camp.”

The average fan says lose these games so you improve your draft position, but winning is more valuable isn’t it?

“No doubt and I’ve talked to the team a bunch about this.  I think winning is a mentality that you have and the more people we get in this building with that mentality it’s all encompassing.  You could say to some of these guys who are significantly beat up that are fighting to play and practice and say, ‘we’re out of it, these games don’t mean a lot.’  I think it’s a mentality whether you have 14 wins, three wins or no wins.  You have the mentality that it’s important to play, it’s important to go out and win.  Really, it’s all areas, not just injured guys.  When this football team comes out of our locker room or the visiting locker room at any time, pre-season, regular season, playoffs, Super Bowl, we’re coming out to win and the more guys we have thinking, acting and practicing that way the better we’ll be and ultimately be a good team.”

Will new safety Reshard Langford be active?

I would say probably not.  We got him in here later than we really wanted to, but again it’s all part of the deal not to do whatever it takes to find players to help us continue to build.

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